In 1876 a real estate mogul, Willard Carpenter, began his dream of owning a library but passed away before it could be completed. All of Willard’s estate was left to fund the library. Upset that she was left out of his estate, Louise Carpenter, his estranged daughter, sued the project for her portion of the inheritance but lost. The oldest library in Indiana, Willard Library opened in 1885. For decades now, many believe Louise is the ghost who haunts the historic library. Others say it was a woman who drowned in a nearby canal close to the property. Whomever she is, to us she will always be known as the Grey Lady.

Model: Elle Blessinger

Hair and Makeup: Crystal Storme Smith

Styling and Photography: Tricia Hayden Burns

Assistants: Jennifer Blessinger and Jeanne MacGregor Larson