It’s the Ultimate Senior Year Experience!

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I am seeking 10 picture loving teens (GIRLS OR GUYS) from the senior Class of 2021 to be a part of the Hayden Burns Photography Model Team-the HB Beauties. When just one shoot isn’t enough for you, being on the team means multiple shoots, get-togethers, new photos all year long for your Instagram and an experience like no other. In past years, the models have raved about how it was an amazing way to make new friends and have a tight-knit group of seniors whom you can talk with/hang out with outside of their school. The pictures just ended up being a bonus!! Here’s what one of the 2020 HB Beauties had to say about their experience.

“It’s been such a great and fun way to meet new friends and make lots of memories. I’ve loved every minute of being a model”-Kenley


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Here’s what’s included…

1. Full Senior Session with 4 outfits to be completed in June 2020.

2. A themed group shoot or activity every other month during your senior year. (April 2020-April 2021)

3. Parties and other shoot opportunities exclusively for HB Beauties.

4. Makeup for your full shoot (June 2020)

5. Personalized SMART PHONE APP of all your pictures from each shoot for sharing on social media.

6. One on one consultation about how we can make your full session unique.

7. Final ordering appointment.


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Please make sure to discuss this with your parents BEFORE you apply. A parent/student meeting will be held with further details that will cover collection costs and a deposit of $225 will be due at that time. The other $225 will be due at the first group shoot in April. This fee does NOT include any prints and there is a minimum order of $500 of products and prints. There is no cost to apply.



I am completely passionate about this group and want it to be the best experience of your senior year. Most of the images we produce will be included in marketing campaigns and all over social media, so of course I want kind, good natured students as the face of my company. I want everyone who is a part of it to feel welcome and included. For your application, I am requiring at least a 30-second video  telling me about how you are a team player and make others feel special. Introduce yourself and be creative! I am only choosing 10 students for this opportunity.  There’s a possibility I will share these videos on social media, so look your best. Please be sure to complete the entire application below, take your time and use complete sentences and grammar. Then when you are finished with the questions….text me your video to 812-550-0448 with your name. If you fail to send me the video, your application will be considered incomplete.

If you or your parents have any questions, contact Tricia by text at 812-550-0448 or by email at

Applications are closed at this time.